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Key Specifications
The VideoIQ iCVR is the world's first and only intelligent surveillance camera with built-in video recording. The VideoIQ iCVR combines automated event detection, a built-in DVR and integrated video management into a single solution — all driven by next-generation analytics. With a click of the mouse, VideoIQ's iCVR will review recorded video to locate a particular person, car or object, in just seconds. A remarkably fast alternative to traditional forensic video scanning, this "Click and Search" functionality can be used in real-time to locate and track a perpetrator. Additionally, its automated event detection issues alarms when there is a viable security threat – saving time, money and energy while enabling security personnel to focus on events of high interest. Yet, VideoIQ design engineers didn't stop with simply giving iCVR remarkable detection capabilities. It makes the most of your existing equipment and network, and has minimal storage and bandwidth requirements. VideoIQ iCVR truly sets new standards for performance, scalability and ease of use. The result is the simplest, most proactive video surveillance solution – with a low total cost of ownership — to keep your organization and its most important assets safe, whether you need one camera or 1,000.

Key Features

  • Built-in DVR

  • Minimal bandwidth and storage requirements

  • Automated event detection

  • Powerful object search capability

  • High video quality
VideoIQ iCVR
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