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Key Specifications

VideoIQ cameras deliver true, real-time megapixel analytics in an all-in-one device. The feature rich iCVR HD camera is easy to install because of the continuously self-calibrating analytics and can be deployed over low bandwidth networks. The iCVR HD camera and VideoIQ architecture is designed to scale and deliver accurate results in the most challenging, remote locations.

VideoIQ advanced video analytics classify people and vehicles while eliminating normal scene activity such as moving trees, leaves, shadows, or reflections from water or glass. These pattern-based analytics detect, track and classify activities of interest as defined by the user. The iCVR camera records and streams video in 1080p/30fps and provides dramatic clarity, range and accuracy. Even in the most challenging outdoor environments customers experience extremely low false positive rates while receiving instant event notifications. This enables security personnel to focus only on events of high interest. The VideoIQ advanced, self-learning technology continuously improves the system’s performance over time, ensuring greater accuracy and reliability.

* Instant event notifications
* On-board distributed storage
* 180p/30fps video with analytics
* Track and zoom-in automatically with IQTrack

VideoIQ iCVR HD camera
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