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Key Specifications

Add award-winning video analytics to 3rd party fixed IP/Network security cameras
The Rialto I4 provides a cost-effective way to easily add video analytics to IP video surveillance systems. Analyze and record up to 4 Standard Definition or 2 High Definition IP security cameras per unit. The high density, small footprint makes it easy to deploy and scale, and there are no complicated per camera license fees or registration processes. The I4 is a fast and easy way to add real-time response capabilities to any H.264 RTSP IP video system.

Intelligent Video Analytics
VideoIQ's field proven analytics classify people?and vehicles while eliminating normal scene activity such as moving trees, leaves, shadows, or reflections from water or glass. Rialto's advanced pattern-based analytics detect, track and classify activities of interest. Even in the most challenging outdoor environments customers experience extremely?low false positive rates while receiving instant notification of when suspicious activity occurs. Additionally Rialto's advanced self-learning technology continuously improves the system's performance over time. The Rialto I4 supports full 30 fps 1080p (1920 x 1080). Objects are detected at up to 200 ft for D1 and 500 ft for 1080p resolutions. The Rialto also supports thermal for critical perimeter protection requirements for a maximum range to 2000 ft. Detection ranges are camera, lens, and lighting dependent.

Instant Notification
The Rialto I4 and VideoIQ's CloudView provide instant notifications to your mobile devices when?an incident is occurring. Within seconds of a suspect crossing an IQBeam or triggering other user defined analytic rules, an instant notification is sent to your security personnel‘s workstation and smart phones/ tablets. O_cers can view live video and use audio talk down either from their PC or iPhone/Android devices. Alarm clips are optimized for mobile and desktop clients. VideoIQ delivers actionable information when it matters rather than post incident evidence provided by traditional video surveillance systems.

Fast Install
The I4 is easy to use and install. Simply connect the I4 to your network and add or set up your cameras. It's ready to use right out of the box. Self-learning and an intuitive rules interface makes it straight- forward to integrate our award-winning analytics with either your existing cameras and VMS system or as a stand-alone system.

Edge Storage
The Rialto I4 is available with a 40 GB of SSD or 500 GB HDD for on board storage. On-board storage eliminates the need for central servers, reducing network traffic and bandwidth consumption by over 90%. The I4 is easily deployed in any environment, including mixed IT networks, wireless networks and WAN deployments and requires no additional infrastructure upgrades.

Add award-winning video analytics to 3rd party fixed IP/Network security cameras

* Significantly lower per channel cost for
* Instant event notification with live video
* Industry leading video analytics
* Works with 3rd party IP cameras

Optimized Bandwidth & Storage
The Rialto I4, like all VideoIQ edge devices, is designed for optimal network bandwidth and storage usage – the Rialto I4 includes a 40GB SSD or 500GB HDD for local storage.

The Rialto I4 supports Triple Stream Encoding - an intelligent recording stream, which varies compression quality and frame rate, based on whether or not the video contains an event that the user is interested in. A low Bandwidth Network Stream - allows the user to view live video across low bandwidth networks (i.e. 3G/4G cellular networks) and a mobile MJPEG stream - allowing easy decoding and display on mobile devices.

Example Video Analytics Rules

Object enters, leaves, or loiters | IQBeam crossing | People / vehicle detection | Camera tampering Object removal | Person or vehicle loiters

VideoIQ Rialto I4 Encoder
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