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  • Country: Korea, Republic of
  • City: Seoul
  • Address: 12F, Munjeong Daemyeong Valeon bldg, 127 Beobwon-ro Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Contact Person: Yuni Lee

Key Specifications

* With standard features such as, Live & Fake fingerprint detection technology
* Similar fingerprint checking, the opportunity for “Users” to spoof the terminals or load ghost employees is eliminated.
* The internationally recognized and patented fingerprint algorithm, enables the enrolling of very difficult to read fingerprints, while ensuring the lowest possible false accept rate.
* The algorithm has an extremely fast and robust template storage and search engine with the capacity to identify a 1:N(one to many) template within a database of in excess of 10 000 templates.

Union Community VIRDI AC5000
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Union Community VIRDI AC5000
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