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Key Specifications

The Tecnofire systems are completely remotely controllable and manageable. The fire alarm systems with 1, 2 or 4 loops meet all requirements of small, medium or large-sized installations and are certified to the EN 54 standard. A large true color graphic display, integrated in the casing, as well as a multi-language voice synthesis function with a bi-lingual mode are the user-friendly and intuitive tools by which the user can manage system status information and alarms. Each loop can be composed of 199 detectors and 99 devices. The systems can be programmed as a stand-alone panel or as a network of 1 master and 15 slaves. In the master/slave mode, the systems manage a total of 12,000 detectors and 6,000 devices!

The Tecnofire systems can be connected via Ethernet to the central monitoring stations (CMS) using the proprietary protocols Contact-ID, SIA and Tecnoalarm. The on-board Ethernet interface provides 4 channels performing specific functions, two server channels for LAN and WAN or VPN connections, one client channel for event transmission and one client channel for call back connections. All four channels are compatible with an 128bit AES encryption, access to the server channels is protected by a white list.

The systems provide a programmable 4-years calendar, 32 access periods and 400 functions for the automatic execution of the functions as well as a completely programmable test call function with TCP/IP.

Last but not least, the Tecnofire systems speak several languages, among others ARABIC for the Middle East market. So, come over to our stand in Dubai and discover more news about our systems.

* 1, 2 or 4 loops
* 199 detectors + 99 modules per loop
* 16 expansions per panel
* Networking: 1 master + 15 slave panels
* 2 RS485 serial ports
* Proprietary “Fire-Speed” serial bus protocol
* Proprietary “Fire-Bus” loop protocol
* Ethernet, USB and serial printer interface
* Switching power supply Fly-back type 2
* x 12V/12Ah batteries
Tecnoalarm TFA1-298, TFA2-596 and TFA4-1192 Tecnofire fire alarm systems
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Tecnoalarm TFA1-298, TFA2-596 and TFA4-1192 Tecnofire fire alarm systems
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