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Key Specifications

All-In-One Touch Window


* Glass-mount touch film available for use with projectors and touch screens.

* Operable through the glass or with simple gestures (up-down and left-right)

* Flexible, modularized and customizable.


* Carrousel broadcast system with stand-alone or web versions, and customizable premium version to meet customer needs.

* Product display system.

* Popular product billboard.

* TV wall: every ViViWindow supports up to 4 monitors at a time.

* Real-time market analysis (optional): Captures the face of viewers of commercials or product information with video devices to analyze market information with relevant programs according to the age and gender of consumers.

* Gesture control interface (optional): Controls windows with direct touch or gestures

* VIP/Black list reminder (optional): Immediately reminds employees of VIPs or black-list customers with the video device on the window as they come into the shop.

Suitable environment

* Department stores, cosmetic shops, retailers, hotels, airports, MRT, etc.

ViViWindow (VW01)
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