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World Pioneer Solution for Combing Computer, Touch Panel, RFID, Table, and Biometric in One

The computer science and technology evolution changes with each new day, the digitizing applications are also unceasing innovation. Nowadays, it also integrates into people's life. It brings customer’s brand new technical life experience and also makes people enjoy convenience and comfortable life.
After SUNVISION System Integration Group is established, we have adapted aggressively application in computer and technology digitizing into our life. Base on Innovation, Speed and Service spirit, we start developing world first Touch Table which includes computer, projective capacitive touch panel, RFID, palm vein reader, and enhance glass.
Through All Flat Enhanced Glass Surface for Operation and Authentication

The main developing item for SUNVISION’s Touch Table is integrating all hardware under enhanced glass. All users’ operations are done through glass, so it will prevent user to leave hand print or oil sludge on actual LCD panel.
What is contactless operation? In traditional touch panel, user needs to touch panel directly by hand or pen. No matter how high quality panel, after long time same spot usage, it still will have breakdown. Projective capacitive touch panel can separate the actual panel by enhance glass, it will approve a lot on panel usage life.
Touch Table is also the first product which includes table, computer and biometric device. We conceder most using environment will be open space, so we consign FUJITSU PalmSecure? reader for customer’s health issue.
Table Is No Longer Just a Table

Integrating all kinds of SUNVISION software application, table is no longer just a table. We can customize table, hardware platform or software application base on customer demand which can be applied on vertical industries. For example: In school, students can learn the same material more friendly and vivid by interactive instruction; when students arriving classroom, they can use palm vein authentication for attendance. All attendance data will be encrypted on school server and parents or school may see when necessary. At restaurant, the consumer can check out menu and hot selling billboard by touch the table. In fitness center, RFID and palm vein reader can be integrating with VIP membership management system for more security service.

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