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Key Specifications
Face Recognizer is an intelligent and powerful face detection, search and recognition solution. Face Detection and recognition are key tools for security professionals. Though video archiving solutions provide complete records of what happened in the scene, they do not allow for someone to quickly scan people present in the scene to shortlist, target, and identify potential miscreants
Face Recognizer provides the following capabilities:
• Detect and log faces
• Recognize faces (with pre-registration)
• Search for similar faces from a Accuracy: Best in class Face Recognition accuracy
• Performance: Unlimited recognition of faces on all the video frames. Analysis of up to 10 videos simultaneously
• Video Capture Resolution – 0.3MP – 4K
• Resolution at Detection: Faces larger than 20 x 20 pixels
• Resolution at Recognition: Faces larger than 70 x 70 pixels, recommended 100 x 100 pixels
• Resolution at Enrolment: Faces larger than 100 x 100 pixels, recommended 150 x 150 pixels
• Eye distance: min 30, Recommended 50- 150 pixels
• Identify verification (1:N) Matching
• Face Rotation: Optimal up to 30º, either horizontal or vertical
• Contrast and image quality
• Good crisp and high quality and no-blur images are required.
• Some variations for: Illumination, variable lighting, shadows, slight blur.- are acceptable.
• Face Database DB volume size
• Face Databases can be from 1 to 100K .
• Real time: Recognition real time and off line are possible
• Recognition and Enrolment from both Video and Image.
• Enrolment, training Multiple Enrolments per person.
• Video enrolment for person which captures 5-10 pictures per enrolment.
• Support Batch enrolment/import, individual enrolment/import.
• Recognition in image and video and Real time
• Report with Match score, Name with images (Captured vs registered), camera ID, time stamp of recognized people.
• Face Watch list: VIP, Suspicious, Criminal, Staff, Normal
• Recognition in less than 1 seconds in video mode and take Image immediately
• Integration with number of VMS and CMS systems
• Watch list to save and match in real time
• Provide alerts on watch list matches
• Popup windows — for Visitor Management and Black List Management
• Search by names or similar faces
Sparsh Facial Recognition Solution
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