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  • Country: Netherlands
  • Address: Zuidelijk Halfrond 4, 2801 DD Gouda, the Netherlands
  • Contact Person: Kate Huber

Key Specifications

Full intelligence at the edge
Using a dedicated DSP, Siqura 600 and 800 series cameras are embedded with field-proven analytics algorithms capable of detecting intruders as well as tracking and counting objects in both outdoor and indoor applications. These devices optimize detection performance by storing and transmitting the metadata or analysis parameters alongside the video material. This makes the output of these devices ideal for forensic examination.

Transmitting over any medium
To accommodate any streaming situation, from short segments to vast distances, and to resourcefully take advantage of the existing network infrastructure, Siqura 600 and 800 series solutions are capable of streaming Ethernet signals over fiber optic, coax, or Cat 5 cabling.

Siqura 600 and 800 Series Video Analytics Cameras
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