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  • IDEMIA (previously known as OT-Morpho)

  • Country: France
  • City: 92700 Colombes
  • Address: 420, rue d’Estienne d’Orves
  • Contact Person: IDEMIA (previously known as OT-Morpho)
Key Specifications
Full ID document authentication solution

Morpho Identix verifies the authenticity of a comprehensive range of travel and identity documents from around the world, including passports, national ID cards, visas, immigration cards and driving licenses. It combines our new generation, cross-platform, intelligent ID document authentication software with DESKO''''s PENTA multifunctional ID document scanner(*).

This advanced document authentication solution operates with trained intelligence. It analyzes document images and applies authentication rules based on the type, version, country of origin of the document, so as to seek and check the covert and overt security features, infra-red and ultra-violet details expected from a genuine document. Data extraction and cross-checks are included in the process, all in a few seconds.

- Reads and processes thousands of international travel and identity documents: documents are read and processed in only a few seconds

- Checks security features in different light sources such as visible, UV and IR

- Easy to use, automatically informs operator in case of alert, no specific training required

- Numerous data sorting, archiving and report run options to meet country privacy and data protection laws

(*) Morpho Identix solution works also with Morpho B5000 document reader

Morpho Identix (Full ID Document Authentication)
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