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  • IDEMIA (previously known as Morpho)

  • Country: France
  • City: 2, place Samuel de Champlain
  • Address: 92400 Courbevoie
  • Contact Person: IDEMIA (

Key Specifications
The TP 5300 livescan device is capable of acquiring all types of high quality images using an innovative, single platen. The detailed palm print or fingerprint images are scanned at either 500 ppi or 1000 ppi, using advanced imaging power, plus antismearing and anti-smudging technologies: the TP 5300 exceeds FBI standard requirements.

• Palm print acquisition
• Slap and rolled fingerprint acquisition
• Image quality exceeds FBI IAFIS-IQS Appendix F specifications
• Patented Moisture Discriminating Optics: sweat in pores or around ridges appears equivalent to air
• 2 SDKs available:
- MLS SDK: image acquisition only
- IDEMIA Bop: image acquisition, segmentation, sequence check
TP 5300 (Palm Print Livescan)
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TP 5300 (Palm Print Livescan)
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