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  • IDEMIA (previously known as Morpho)

  • Country: France
  • City: 2, place Samuel de Champlain
  • Address: 92400 Courbevoie
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Key Specifications
The MSO OEM XX1 offers the possibility to detect a fake finger thanks to IDEMIA patented optronic sensor technology.

The MSO OEM XX1 module meets and exceeds FBI PIV IQS requirements.

This device is perfectly suitable for the following applications:

- Access control to high-security environments
- Readers left unsupervised
- Identification for banking transactions (PoS, ATM)

Features at a Glance

- Patented Fake Finger Detection
- Excellent fingerprint capture (23*23mm sensing area) and processing performances
- FBI PIV IQS certification
- All-in-one: integrates sensor + embedded feature extractor & matcher + internal user database
- Multitask: suited for enrollment, authentication and identification
- Large internal database capacity (up to 5000 users)
- High accuracy
- Tailored for the registration of young or elderly people and manual laborers
- Multiple template & image formats (ISO 19794-2, ANSI/INCITS 378, Proprietary ; ISO 19794-4, WSQ compressed in option…)
- Security features to protect the communication channel between host and device (integrity check, data encryption)

SDK is available for integration into Windows, Linux and Android platforms
MSO OEM XX1 (Fingerprint OEM Module)
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