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  • IDEMIA (previously known as Morpho)

  • Country: France
  • City: 92700 Colombes
  • Address: 420, rue d’Estienne d’Orves
  • Contact Person: IDEMIA (previously known as Morpho)
Key Specifications
MorphoTop has been specially designed for registration and verification where the use case requires 4 fingerprints simultaneously or rolled fingerprints capture, such as travel and identity documents, voting, social benefits or as a part of a booking station. For reinforced security, MorphoTop performs fake finger detection.

The device presents many advantages:

- Best image quality on the market (certified by the FBI)

- User-friendly, fast and reliable technology

- Captures prints in < 2 seconds

- LEDs to guide the user during scanning operations

- Image quality validated in real time with LEDs

- The terminal has a MTBF* in excess of 50,000 hours

- Most functions are driven from the PC, giving the application integrator more flexibility

- Power supplied entirely through a USB 2.0 cable

With its product, Morpho offers two software development kits (SDKs):

- One low level SDK to control the fingerprint capture

- One High level SDK to perform quality check on the fingerprint sequence and segmentation of the slap image.

As a historical player on the biometric market, Morpho has acquired a thorough experience in designing and manufacturing biometric terminals. With over 1 million units sold and over 1 billion people recorded across the globe, our technical teams know the importance of image quality when enrolling applicants.

*Mean time before failure

MorphoTop (Slap & Rolled Livescan)
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