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Key Specifications
EFR-API is a CGI-based Application Programming Interface (API) for our facial recognition products. It is based on standard HTTP protocol which can be easily and efficiently implemented on different kinds of platform and developing environment.

EFR-API provides the functionalities to control the operation and to get and configure internal parameters of facial recognition products. The CGI requests are handled with standard HTTP-based protocols by the built-in Web server of the facial recognition device.


EFR-API is divided into 15 groups, including

  • Authentication API

  • Status API

  • Log Message API

  • User Management API

  • User Schedule API

  • Face Recognition API

  • Network API

  • Input/Output API

  • Wiegand API

  • On Screen Display API

  • Log Configuration API

  • Time Synchronization API

  • Password API

  • System Setting API

  • Firmware Upgrade API

To implement EFR-API on your software application, you do not need any affiliated libraries. EFR-API is embedded in our facial recognition products. PSP Security would assist developers by providing sample codes and test utilities of EFR-API upon request.

EFR-API Application Programming Interface
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EFR-API Application Programming Interface
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