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  • Country: Taiwan
  • City: Taipei 115
  • Address: 4F, No. 19-13, Sanchong Rd., Nankang Software Park,
  • Contact Person: Ian Kwan

Key Specifications

The world first embedded facial recognition system with facial data-on-card ability. MyLook Card system stores encrypted user facial data on personal smart card to give user maximum privacy protection!

  • Two-factor authentication - what you have (a smart card) and who you are (your face)
  • Reliable performance under different light conditions
  • No personal facial data is stored on the device
  • Comply with government regulations of privacy and data protection
  • Easy integration with existing access control and security system
  • Support unlimited users (each user has his/her own smart card)

MyLook Card System Advantages


  • Support different communication interfaces (Wiegand, Digital I/O, RS-232/485, Ethernet)
  • Communicates and works seamlessly with existing access control, security, and time & attendance management systems/modules

Protect Personal Privacy

  • Store encrypted facial data on smart card rather than on device
  • User has full control of his/her facial data
  • Compliance with Government personal privacy regulations

Contactless and Non-Invasive

  • User can operate MyLook Card without any physical contact of the system
  • Operational in different lighting conditions (in light or complete darkness)

Embedded System

  • MyLook Card is an embedded system (no external computer is required)
  • Minimizes chance of tampering
  • Energy efficient (12VDC, 1Amp)
  • Low total cost of ownership

Reliable and High Performance

  • Proven facial recognition technology currently being used at government agencies, immigration/customs checkpoints, business corporations and financial institutions
  • Recognition within 1 second
  • CMS software allows user to control and monitor multiple MyLook Card systems installed within a Ethernet/WAN network

MyLook Card Facial Recognition System
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