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Key Specifications

Pixim’s Digital Pixel System ultra-wide dynamic range technology, a true breakthrough in imaging technology, delivers unprecedented image quality in all lighting conditions. Cameras powered by Pixim’s specialized image processing chipsets can significantly enhance ATM security through the following capabilities:

* Widest dynamic range: Captures highlight and shadow detail - including faces in strong backlight - in the same scene.
* Highest total resolution: Makes it easy to distinguish target image features and details, even in highly variable lighting conditions.
* Superior color rendering: Accurately displays color even in difficult lighting such as indoor/outdoor, glare, and fluorescent * lighting.
* No "camera blindness": Eliminates the vertical smear, pixel blooming, and other image artifacts commonly encountered in high-contrast scenes.
* High image compression: Improves image quality with smaller file size - allowing DVRs to record with higher frame rate or higher resolution, or both, while maintaining the same total recording time.

Pixim ATM Surveillance Solution
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