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Key Specifications

The Seawolf chip provides 10 times the low-light performance of previous generation security camera chip sets as well as the industry's proven greatest wide dynamic range (WDR) and accurate color performance at half the hardware build cost.

Boasting 690 HTVL effective, Seawolf delivers the highest usable resolution to the CCTV end user. Traditional, analog CCD-based cameras lose much of their resolution when the video is recorded and reviewed. However, due to Seawolf's high total resolution (horizontal times vertical), its high quality color images are preserved by commonly used DVRs and displays.

The Seawolf chip is also ideal for IP cameras. Users of IP cameras will benefit from Seawolf's global electronic shutter, progressive scan image capture, and full D1 resolution at 30 frames per second.

Single board camera modules based on the Seawolf chip make it easier for manufacturers to develop compact camera formats, a rapidly growing market segment. Seawolf-based cameras will offer true all-lighting capability, meeting the most demanding image quality expectations across the largest market segments within the broad video security industry, including retail, banking, gaming, education, transit, commercial, and industrial applications.

Pixim Seawolf Camera Chip
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