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Key Specifications
The AGT520 automatic gate is designed for vehicle access control. It can be widely used in places such as parking lots, toll gates, warehouses, railway crossings and commercial premises. The standard length of the gate arm is 3 meters with 1.5 ~ 3.3 seconds manufacture pre-defined opening time.


**Cabinet is made of 2.0mm high strength steel plate with reinforced structure design.

**Double-layers of Epoxy/polyester hybrid resin powder coating with a thickness of 0.15mm to provide the best protection against outdoor environment.

**Uses gear reducer to ensure a stable and smooth operation with high efficiency. Especially applicable for long operation hours.

**Counter weight design to assist gate arm lifting for minimizing power consumption and assuring a longer service life.

Connecting rod type design on folding arm gate set for easy adjustment.

Red reflection sticker on aluminum gate arm for a better visual at night.

Manual release of gate arm in case of black out or system failure.

Optional folding arm available for parking lots with height limitation. Four opening angles can be applied: 60°, 70°, 80° and 90°.

---Microcomputer controller---

Innovative microcomputer controller makes AGT520 a well fit to all kinds of parking system design with multiple sets of isolated signal input and an RS232 expansion interface. It provides warning, sensing and protection features as follows:

**Auto/Manual operation mode switchable.

**Gate open/close signal input.

**Safety edge auto-reverse function (with optional **infrared photocell installed).

**Gate position (Open/Close) signal output.

**Input signal buffering while gate arm in operation.

**Auto-close function, time adjustable: 1~16 seconds.

**Warning signal of gate arm dislocation.

**Motor overheat protection.

**Circuit board self-diagnostic function.

AGT-Automatic Gate (AGT 520)
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