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Key Specifications
Smart Parking System

Effective parking space management empowers drivers reducing the hassles and find free parking space quickly. In addition, it helps to reduce gasoline consumptions and feel relaxed from place to place. Wired parking sensing systems are pretty costly for deployment on a wide area of the city.

System Features

◎ Lot Planning - Parking space owner can allocate each parking space with different attributes, such as regular, handicap, large size or VIP...etc.

◎ Geo-fence Tracking - Combining with GPS tracker for each vehicle owner for extra access control.

◎ Battery Maintenance - Every parking sensors report battery status to prompt battery replacement service automatically.

◎ Billing API - The system can integrate with automatic payment system, such as self-help payment, membership payment and payment machine.

◎ Wireless - The occupancy sensor reports parking information via LPWAN or NB-IoT wireless technology for rapid deployment and less maintenance.

◎ Navigation API - The system can navigate vehicle owner the nearby vacant parking space or reserved parking space.

◎ Plate Registration - On-site attendants are able to press the scan button or entering the car plate number for reporting vehicle information.

◎ Alarm Notification - The system can notify the attendant when the vehicle arrives in the parking space or the vehicle parks at prohibited parking space.

◎ Big Data - Co-relate parking occupancy statistics with other parameters for valuable city indications.

◎ Occupancy Sensor - The system can accurately sense the vehicle occupancy via sensors.

◎ Authorization - The management platform has different level of authorization for configurations.

◎ History Review - Vehicle time-in and time-out are logged for performance review and evidence -based tracing specific vehicle.

Smart Parking Platform
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