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Key Specifications
◎100% Accuracy tested by SGS Lab.- Geo-magnet + Radar Detection.

◎5 seconds identifying Tailing-parking to Self-ticketing automation.

◎SGS tested IP68 grade - Water-proof rolled over underwater by vehicle.

◎3 years battery life, 38AH ultra large battery capacity

◎5 minutes installing one sensor. No calibration required.

◎88% antenna performance max patent-designed for 4G LTE.

◎Supports 700/900/1800MHz wide bands(NB-IoT/CAT-M1/LoRa WAN protocol).

◎Supports Firmware and Configuration Remotely Upgrade (FOTA/COTA).

Smart Parking System

Effective parking space management empowers drivers reducing the hassles and find free parking space quickly. In addition, it helps to reduce gasoline consumptions and feel relaxed from place to place. Wired parking sensing systems are pretty costly for deployment on a wide area of the city.

NB-IoT / LoRa Dual-detection Smart Parking Sensing Technology

NHR NB-IoT / LoRa Dual-detection parking occupancy sensing system can accurately sense the occupancy status of parking space(s) by fully integrated dual-detection from Micro-radar and Earth Magnet sensing. As soon as a vehicle pulls in to or out through the sensor mounted on/under the surface of outdoor parking space. Parking space information is reported to the management platform through the NB-IoT or LoRa WAN/LAN network to fulfill smart parking management. With leading technologies of NB-IoT and LoRa WAN/LAN, the system is easy to use and can be rapidly deployed. The system also provides cross-system integration for various payment methods including self-help automatic payment, membership payment, and on-site payment. Data is clearly displayed on the parking operation platform including parking space status, vehicle status, turnover rate, illegal parking behavior and so many more.

◎ Detection Technology : Earth Magnet + Micro Radar

◎ Installation : Surface mount

◎ Application Platform: GoGoParker Parking Platform

◎ Power Supply: 27000 mAh

◎ Certification: CE, FCC, NCC(PLMN11)

◎ Detection Object: Parking Occupancy Algorism

◎ Dimension: (D)15X (H)3.9 cm / (D)5.9X (H)1.5 inches

◎ Weight: 551 g /19 oz

◎ Wireless Coverage: 500 meter-5 km(Line-of-sky)

◎ Enclosure: IP68 degree

◎ Pressure Test: 5000 kg

◎ IoT Protocol: NB-IoT(Support E-SIM) / CAT-M1/ LoRa/ ZigBee

◎ IoT Frequency: 700~900 MHz / 2.4 GHz

◎ Operating Temperature: -20 to 70ºC(80ºC for 3 hours)

◎ Report Latency: < 95%, status change within 2 mins.

NHR Smart Parking Sensor - On Ground
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