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Key Specifications
The Freedom F64 Code-free Security System eliminates false alarms and maximizes account retention. Freedom is the first code-free system that turns on and off automatically by using existing deadbolt locks. Designed with simplicity in mind, Napco eliminated security codes and entry-exit countdowns to achieve stress-free and false-alarm-free operation. Napco technology uses a standard deadbolt with a patented lock-sensing tab inserted into the lock hole. Deadbolt and door-open status are wirelessly transmitted to the lock receiver on the multifunction keypad.

The Freedom multifunction touchpadwith wireless-lock interfacecontrols up to two doors and has a powerful built-in alarm siren, Pet PIR sensorwith 25 wide-angle coveragetalking voice-aid assist speaker, four-zone expansion module and a wireless-lock receiver. The customizable alphanumeric two-line display shows lock-door status as monitored by the system. Other features include programmable panic, ambush and chime functions.

The Freedom F64 is expandable up to 64 zones and supports all Gemini wireless transmitters and standard security devices including smoke, carbon-monoxide and motion detectors, video surveillance, glass-break detection and panic buttons. The partitionable control panel supports eight to 64 zones, 64 users and four areas. There are codes to enter or memorize, so customer training is a snap.

Finally, false-alarm-proof features with intuitive design and operation mean that false alarms during entry or exit (where 80 percent of all false alarms occur) are impossible.

Freedom F64 Security System
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