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Key Specifications

These are installers that typically specialize in and integrate higher end access control, video, security alarm and other systems for their clients. They usually do not install locking hardware, although they often sub-contract this function outside and are increasingly integrating locking products with the access control system. These types of dealers will also integrate other systems, such as time and attendance, elevator control, etc., with the access control system. Rarely do they install fire alarms. These type of dealers are the closest thing to a “one stop shop” in the security industry.

Security/ Fire Alarm Dealers
These professionals primarily install residential and commercial intrusion and fire alarms. Their main function is to provide alarm monitoring to their clients. They may install limited access control and video systems, but at a lower technical level and they do not usually provide a totally integrated solution. There are some higher-level security/ fire alarm dealers who may supply some integration of systems. They rarely install, integrate and/or sub-contract the installation of locking hardware.

CCTV Dealers
CCTV (closed circuit television) professionals install locally multiplexed and networked video camera and recording systems. They sometimes integrate these systems with other functions.

Locksmiths/ Locking Professionals
These security professionals install all varieties of locking hardware, push bars, magnetic locks, strikes and standalone, electronic access control locks. With the advent of wirelessly networked electronic locks, they can install low to mid-level access control systems, but do not provide integration with other systems.

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