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Key Specifications
The MT-PRCIRLZ10AI is a high-performance IP camera with Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) capabilities, designed to effectively and securely monitor entrances and exits in designated areas. This camera offers a range of advanced features that make it an ideal solution for traffic management and access control:

High-performance 2-megapixel CMOS sensor: The MT-PRCIRLZ10AI is equipped with a high-quality CMOS sensor with an HD image resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, providing sharp and detailed images.

Motorized IR autofocus lens: The MT-PRCIRLZ10AI features a motorized autofocus lens with a variable focal length of 2.7 to 13.5 mm. The camera also includes an IR illuminator, improving visibility in low-light conditions. A key aspect of this camera is the use of a special filter designed to reduce and counteract the glare from vehicle headlights. This feature allows for clearer and sharper images of license plates, even in the presence of oncoming headlights directed towards the camera.

Input/output connectivity: The MT-PRCIRLZ10AI also offers input/output connections, with 2 inputs and 1 output that can be used for automatic gate opening for authorized vehicles (white list). The camera's power supply is versatile and can be provided via DC12V or PoE (Power over Ethernet, 802.3af).

Wide operating temperature range and IP67 protection: This camera is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -30°C to +60°C, and features an IP67 protection rating, making it water and dust resistant. These specifications make it suitable for outdoor use and in various weather conditions.

In summary, the MT-PRCIRLZ10AI is a cutting-edge solution for access control and traffic management, thanks to its ANPR technology, motorized lens with anti-glare filter, input/output connections, and durability in various weather conditions.
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