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Key Specifications
The MAXxess Security Management Software system has become even more intelligent with the introduction of the new CCTV Monitor Module and powerful Linux based Remote Area Manager eRAM™ field controller.

CCTV Monitor provides the capability to connect, manage and view video images from different manufacturer!|s equipment on a single PC screen. Images retrieved from DVRs, IP Cameras or Video IP Servers can be viewed simultaneously on a dedicated portion of a screen whilst operators are viewing other data at the same time.

Camera icons configured on site plans allow security personnel to effortlessly view images from one video source or pre-configured views from multiple cameras.

!”Operators do not need to take a different course of action for different types of equipment,! said Wes Appleby, President of MAXxess Systems. !”Clicking on a camera icon will immediately display the video of the corresponding camera regardless of who the equipment is manufactured by. AXIS, Dedicated Micros, Cieffe, DVTel, Pelco or Sony are just a few examples of manufacturers whose protocols have been integrated into CCTV Monitor.!

Visitors to stand L118 will also have the opportunity to see eRAM™ powered by our all new AppeXX™ software. eRAM is a Linux based powerful access control field controller from MAXxess which can control up to 64 doors, more than three times the capacity if its predecessor. Each eRAM manages 512 outputs for devices such as elevator control, lights or local annunciators as well as 384 inputs for devices such as monitoring sensors, motion detectors and door switches.

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