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Key Specifications
Laird Connectivity Sentrius RS1xx Industrial Humidity Sensors are battery powered and long-range integrated sensor platform uses the benefits of LoRaWAN and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity. These sensors are small and its rugged form-factor contains superior RF-performance, flexibility with precise temperature and humidity sensors, and room for future expansions.

The Semtech SX1272 and Nordic nRF51 silicon offer a LoRa range up to 10miles with a local 2.4GHz connectivity option to smartphones and tablets. The industrial humidity sensors feature wireless network, rugged durability with a broad sensor array, comprehensive security and reliability, and platform for building actionable IoT intelligence. 

Typical applications include cold chain management and food safety, agricultural humidity and industrial heating, cooling, and environmental monitoring.


  • Wireless network
  • Rugged durability with a broad sensor array
  • Comprehensive security and reliability
  • Platform for building actionable IoT intelligence
  • Secure and scalable wireless sensor platform

Sentrius RS1xx Industrial Humidity Sensors
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