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Key Specifications
Real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter

The JetCon 3401G, industrial Gigabit Ethernet media converter, is equipped with a rugged aluminum alloy

case with IP-31 grade ingress protection against damage by solid objects or dust. With excellent heat

dissipation characteristics, the JetCon 3401G is capable of performing better than ordinary Gigabit Ethernet media converters which are enclosed by steel metal with various heat dissipation holes. Unlike those with a single power input, the real time redundant power backup on JetCon 3401G leads to the functionality of a real Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter with the non-stop transmission.

Flexible Optical Adopt Ability

As is the trend of fiber interfaces, JetCon 3401G implements one hot-swappable socket for a Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) fiber transceiver. To adopt different types of fiber optical cables or to enlarge fiber network, users are simply required to replace the ideal type of fiber transceiver to meet the specification of optical fiber cable and are capable to achieve the best inventory performance.

Activate Fault Alarm

Most of the Gigabit Ethernet Media converters feature the Link Loss Forwarding function (L.L.F.) in order to forward link status changes to alert remote or central management system. However, this is only for the cable events, not suited to industrial network applications. The JetCon 3401G provides an alarm relay to trigger out a real alarm signal for port or power events. The alarm mechanism can be configured by a simple DIP switch and trigger an external alarm equipment to inform maintenance I.T. engineers. It results in the maintenance time saving.

Excellent Traffic Handling

The JetCon 3401G performs graceful traffic management ability. The entire traffic will be forwarded with the packet precedence or priority ID and resulted in different service priorities. In Addition, it also filters unnecessary broadcast packets by the broadcast storm control and drops abnormal packets to enlarge network performance.

JetCon 3401G Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter
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