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  • Kawaden Co., Ltd. (Japan)

  • Country: Japan
  • City: Machida-shi,
  • Address: Rm. 2-C, Ohno Bldg., 1-3-32 Kiso-nishi,
  • Contact Person: Yutaka Kawaguchi
Key Specifications
6-50mm F1.6 Board mount varifocal lens with 2 motors on focus & zoom, IR (D/N) corrected,14mm straight mount for 1/3 inch.

2 models are available.


6-50mm F1.6 DC, ICR, Motors on focus & zoom.


6-50mm F1.6 DC, w/o ICR, Motors on focus & zoom

(Kawaden) BKV0650DIRF-2M (6-50mm Board, DC, ICR, Motorized)
Other Products
(Kawaden) KVM0750DIR (7-50mm F1.6 3MP DC IR)
(Kawaden) KZ20X1025D (10-200mm F2.5 Compact zoom)
(Kawaden) BKV0650DIRF-2M (6-50mm Board, DC, ICR, Motorized)
(Kawaden) KVM10120MIR (10-120mm Manual iris, IR, 1.3 Mega)
(Kawaden) KVM10120M (10-120mm Manual iris, 1.3 Mega))
(Kawaden) KVM2809DIR (2.8-9mm IR, 3 Mega)
(Kawaden) KVM2812DIR (2.8-12mm IR, 3 Mega)
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