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Key Specifications
EL-N Series PTP Wireless Mesh Backup Ring Network System
Product Highlights
 High Capacity / Low Latency
Simply design for purely PTP applications. Remove the useless features and protocol for PTMP applications and hotspot coverage to improve the throughput capacity and latency performance.
 Robust Design for Harsh Environment
For complete outdoor applications, radio can balance the internal pressure itself automatically, complies with IP-68 and built in special design for lightning strike area security level of 10KA (1 million Amp) of the Ethernet lightning & surge protector to achieve the highest protection design.
 Import point to point wired network transmission technology, with 100% completely replace physical characteristics of the cable network
EL-N series products include EL-N-1 single-radio, EL-N-2 dual-radio and EL-N-3 triple-radio, three models, with high efficiency, high stability, 100% completely replace the physical cable network the characteristics, the Mesh node and node connection by point to point wireless connection of radio frequency, you can quickly set up wireless relay jumper in series to extend the range of applications.
 Special design Mesh ring multipath network mechanisms, it can enable wireless communications link to upgrade redundancy and stability
Point to point wireless transmission network system tandem formed based on introducing unique multipath Mesh Backup ring network technology, to achieve redundancy and automatic wireless network system to avoid the formation of bad network circuit state function, so the operating system is more stable wireless transmission
 Designed for high-efficiency multi-packet transmission and broadcast packets
EL-N Series multi-point packet with a broadcast packet transmission for surveillance cameras to provide higher transmission efficiency solutions & import IGMP Snooping protocol technology to improve the efficiency of IP multimedia streaming.
 Deploying have extensions extending wireless Mesh network structure architecture
Design Point to Point Mesh hops network series connection technology, can easily expand and extend network reach, after 8 hops wireless series, the TCP bandwidth is still up to 150Mbps; after 12 hops wireless bandwidth series is still up to 140Mbps, can be applied transmission backbone using a wide range of cities or large bandwidth wireless PTP mesh hops ring surveillance system.
 Wireless transmission security and encryption
EL-N-specific communication can block the other''s illegal attempt to wireless connectivity; you can enable high-security AES wireless encryption to prevent the wireless data being intercepted monitor and steal.
 Wireless Signal Interference Makes Resistance Ability Excellent
Support full RF module frequency band from 2.3~2.7GHz & 4.9~6.1GHz and greater use of the channel width, plus a specially designed proprietary tandem technology and Mesh wireless signal transmission pure point to point, will make radio signal interference ability more excellent performance.
(Default 5GHz 11a / n 2x2 MIMO mini PCI card)
 Provide more advanced equipment safety management and certification mechanism
Design core software authentication encryption, the use of random matrix encryption technology, the level of upgrading to military regulations protection. The mutual authentication mechanism between the equipment end and the center end (in development), different equipment could not be used by different SI to meet the unique security requirements of the project.
 Improve the flexibility of the future integration of expansion system
With integrated remote switching power supply and remote control system with special Trunk Switch to achieve multi-frequency, multi-channel, low interference, large integrated bandwidth of the wireless transmission backbone solution.
EL-N Series PTP Wireless Mesh Backup Ring Network System
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EL-N Series PTP Wireless Mesh Backup Ring Network System
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