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Key Specifications
IO-Power IOP-DPOE-PSP1248-IP Series

Outdoor DC to DC Power over Ethernet (PoE) Converter

12V-18W / 24V-36W / 36V-54W / 48V-72W Passive Mode

(To be completed with online 12~24VDC DC UPS Power System)

IO-Power IOP-DPOE-PSP1248-IP series are an outdoor DC to DC Power over Ethernet (PoE) Converter. To respond to outdoor DC UPS power system, the power source is from online outdoor DC UPS system or general 12~24VDC power adapter and Vehicle 12V/24VDC car cigarette lighter power sources. Complete with DC to DC PoE, supplying power for the device through Ethernet cable (RJ-45). At the same time, it has the Ethernet cable data transmission port, so it can transmit the data out of the device.

DC to DC PoE Converter is adopted industrial level of Iron metal thermal protection shell and use outside tough temperature at -40°C ~ +70°C to maintain the outdoor system normally working during day and night.

IO-Power IOP-DPOE-PSP1248-IP series specially design PoE Passive Converter for output power. The minimum output power is 12V-18W while the maximum output power is 48V-72W for those devices, which different output need power through PoE. Applications are for outdoor wireless devices, outdoor surveillance system, outdoor emergency rescuing system, mobile power supply system, outdoor surveillance recording system, outdoor public sign and indication system, outdoor financial security system, elevator security monitoring system, fire security system, expressway charges trading surveillance system, etc.

DC to DC converter adopts parallel boost & buck power solution to direct power supply 12V/24V/36V/48V DC PoE , and direction support passive 1000Mbps (1GiGa) bandwidth. It could apply for passive100Mbps Ethernet power supply port and passive 1000Mbps Ethernet power supply port.

IO-Power IOP-DPOE-PSP1248-IP series use 12~24V (09~28V) DC input power as its main designing originality, which is different from the general AC input power model, being able to complete with DC-required adapters or power supply system, for example, 12~24VDC adapters, 12~24VDC UPS systems, 12~24VDC solar UPS systems, 12~24VDC wind power UPS systems and general 12~24VDC UPS systems, and car cigarette lighter 12~24VDC vehicle power supply systems are applicable.

IOP-DPOE-PSP1248-IP Series Outdoor DC to DC Power over Ethernet (PoE) Converter
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