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Intersil's fisheye image correction camera processing capabilities correct distorted hemispherical images that are typically generated by a fisheye lens' ultra-wide field of view. Corrected images are then delivered in a normalized rectangular output. The technology can be integrated into network and analog camera solutions, in contrast to software-based solutions, which need PCs.

The technology includes a high-resolution image signal processor plus a flexible video output capability. The technology can work with all fisheye lenses and CMOS or CCD sensors. It is ideal for automotive and security applications. In security surveillance cameras, fisheye camera users can move PTZ digitally, eliminating mechanically-related reliability problems. In automotive applications, fisheye correction lets a driver see around a vehicle. Backup cameras are typically 130-degree wide angle cameras, with some image distortion. Fisheye technology provides a wider angle lens (180 degrees) and delivers a corrected, normallooking image

Intersil Fisheye Image Correction Technology
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