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Key Specifications

Open264-SD & Open264-D

- Video Management Solution
- Central Management Software
- Video Surveillance
- Video Conference
- Video Wall

Key Features
Open264-SD : H.264 Scaled Decoder with Color Converter
1. ALL Features of Open264-D
2. Scaling engine enables to scale individual channels to selected screen size to exceed the PCI-express 2.0 x16 bandwidth limitations
3. Color space converter included to support RGB32, YUV420 Planar, YUY2, and UYVY format outputs
4. External output buffer support for display or image merging

Open264-D : H.264 Decoder
1. Decodes up to 150 channels of D1(720x480) at real-time(30fps) on i5 750 CPU
2. Optimized memory bandwidth usage for higher performance.
3. Optimized codec for 16ch ~ 128ch, or unlimited ch Video Wall & VMS/CMS
4. Compatible with Baseline, Main, and High profiles of H.264
5. Output YUV420 Planar

Open264-SD and Open264-D is a H.264/AVC video decoder optimized for multi-channel video decoding for applications such as DVR(Digital Video Recorder) or CMS/VMS(Video Management Solution). Open264-SD and Open264-D optimizes memory bandwidth usage and utilize Multicore distributed processing for multi-threaded decoding to enable higher performance of the final product.

Open264-D is the decoding engine for Open264-SD. Open264-SD additionally includes video scaler and color converter to support the customer on faster and easier deployment of the codec. Due to hardware PCI bus and main board speed limitations, non-scaling codecs are not possible to decode more than 50 D1 channels per system. The only method to decode more than 50 channels of D1(720x480) resolution video at real-time(30fps) is using the scaling decoder such as Open264-SD. Open264-SD will also save considerable CPU usage even for 16 channel systems.

Additional Feature Points
- Decodes up to 150 channels of D1(720x480) resolution at real-time(30fps) on i5 750 CPU(4 core) environment.
- Uses less memory usage than other open Codecs such as, FFMPEG, so can support more multi-channel decoding than other Codec with same memory environment.
- Supports Fast Decoding mode : deblocking off, I picture only, I picture rate control
- Optimized for SSSE3, which shows best performance on Intel Core2 or higher CPU
- Future plans to optimize on Intel Sandy Bridge CPU
- AMD compatible
- C language interface (Windows, C/C++ environment)
- Supports SDK and sample codes for Visual Studio 2008

H.264 Software Codec : Open264-SD Scaled Decoder
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