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  • Country: China
  • Address: 9/F-10/F,TowerB,City Center of Shanghai,100 Zun Yi Road Shanghai 200051 P.R.China
  • Contact Person: Jean Wang

Key Specifications
Lcn Founded in 1926 in Chicago, as SCHLAGE locks become the preferred designer products in North America, LCN in the United States is the most deadly for the camera manufacturer. LCN is the world''s only using ?? iron and ?? aluminum is not cheap for the closed factory, UL fire registration, and has adopted the People''s Republic of fire detection.
4000 series
The world''s highest intensity of the medium behind closed doors, apply to the flow of personnel, the number of frequent and open the special requirements of the occasion.
1460 Series
Slender with a closed applies to offices, hotels and public buildings.
3130-series hidden behind closed doors
When the doors closed, is completely hidden behind closed doors, applies to hotel rooms, apartment door, or any household to be hidden behind closed doors for the occasion.

LCN Door Closer
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