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  • Country: United Kingdom
  • City: Edinburgh
  • Address: Charles Darwin House, The Edinburgh Technopole, Edinburgh, EH26 0PY, Scotland, UK
  • Contact Person: Hayley Paterson

Key Specifications
With double the performance of the nearest alternative, the IndigoVision Enterprise NVR-AS can record up to 200 cameras, has data throughput of 500 Mbps and up to 40TB usable storage. Guaranteed tamper free evidence, automatic failover and integrated backup. The Enterprise NVR-AS can also integrate other security systems for complete alarm management and has recording support for multiple camera manufacturers.

* H.264 – a motion-based video compression format

* JPEG2000 – a still-image compression standard that allows images to be displayed in multiple resolutions

* Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) – intelligence is at the edge of the system with no reliance on a central server; provides resilience and redundancy

* Firewall – a security feature that regulates incoming and outgoing network traffic to guard against potential malicious attacks on the system

* 30fps is guaranteed at the maximum resolution using IndigoVision’s unique video processing technology

IndigoVision Enterprise NVR-AS
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