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Key Specifications
COIN612 is one of the COIN series infrared thermal camera cores developed by Global Sensor Technology (GST). It adopts state-of-the-art 12μm VOx microbolometer technology and integrates 640x512 wafer level package (WLP) infrared thermal detector, high performance signal processing circuit and image processing algorithm.

The COIN612 infrared camera module features in precise visualization, sharp and crisp image presentation, compact size and low cost. It also has an optional thermographic function with measurement range from -20℃~550 ℃ for industrial temperature measurement.

COIN612 thermal imaging module has light weight, compact size, low power consumption and provides multiple interface options. It supports DVP/LVDS multi-mode image output interfaces, RAW/YUV image data output and serial port control. Thanks to its fully optimized structure, low power consumption and various standard interfaces, COIN612 infrared camera module can provide customers with some standard configurations and enables easy integration into numerous infrared products, such as thermal imagers and infrared thermographic cameras.

Its lightweight and flexible features with various industry standard interfaces make it beneficial to OEM customers for secondary development and integration in all kinds of infrared thermal cameras. Also some customized OEM solutions are available to meet the requirements of customers. It is easily integrate into many kinds of devices like unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), drones, as well as police and firefighting units.

Until now, we have provided our customers with various mature and stable infrared thermal imaging solutions. It’s easier for COIN series to be integrated into more terminal products and greatly reduces the cost for customers.

Main Features:
Optimal SWaP
• Mini size: 25.4mm×25.4mm×14.1mm
• Light Weight: as low as 11.5g
• Power consumption: as low as 0.8W

Outstanding Image Quality
• New generation image processing algorithm: NUC/3DNR/DNS/DRC/EE
• Temperature measurement range: -20℃~150℃, 0~550℃ (support expansion & customization)

Fast Integration
• USB2.0/DVP/LVDS image output interfaces, RAW/YUV image data output, serial port control
• Provide ARM/windows/Linux SDK; achieve full screen temperature measurement

Phone: +86 27-81298493
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