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  • Wuhan Global Sensor Technology (GSTiR)

  • Country: China
  • City: Wuhan
  • Address: No. 6 Huanglongshan South Rd, Wuhan 430205, P.R.China
  • Contact Person: Nancy Jiang

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GSTiR is a world leading uncooled & cooled infrared (IR) detector manufacturer and solution provider of infrared thermal imaging.

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Infrared Technology Applied in Air conditioner Inspection & Maintenance

Date: 2023/08/16
Infrared technology can be applied in air conditioner inspection and maintenance to identify various issues and improve overall efficiency. Here are some ways infrared technology is used in this context: Temperature Measurement Infrared thermography allows technicians to measure the temperature distribution across different components of an air conditioner. By identifying temperature variations, technicians can detect potential problems such as overheating motors, electrical issues, or block... Read Details