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Key Specifications

Genetec Security Center is a unified security platform that seamlessly blends IP security systems within a single intuitive interface to simplify operations. Central monitoring and management of security activities and events is offered within the unified solution that includes three core security systems - video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition (LPR). Leveraging a single view of its operations means greater efficiency, visibility, and responsiveness of the security organization.

With Security Center, users can deploy feature rich video management, access control, and/or LPR systems, while the platform's open and flexible architecture ensures customers can unify additional capabilities, add new hardware, and grow its size over the lifetime of the system, as required.

* In Security Center, all security operations (video, access control, and license plate recognition (LPR)) can be managed from a single intuitive user interface. All tasks, workflows, and configurations are consolidated in order to provide efficient management of multiple systems and reduce the need for additional personnel training. With a unified view into all security systems, operators can rapidly adapt to different security and event conditions thereby increasing operator efficiency, and the safety of the facility.

* Support for mobile devices means Security Center feeds security event information direct to the device and ensures operators are effective at all times – even when away from their monitoring station. It becomes possible to respond to incidents while in the field, and collaborate with operators at their workstations. Security Center Mobile turns smartphone into a mobile monitoring station and allows users to push video back to the client interface.

* Security Center allows organizations to extend core functionality and unify third-party security and business systems into one platform. By adding additional capabilities to this powerful, single, unified platform organizations leverage one interface to control all operations. This also means it becomes possible to streamline configuration across security systems of the platform.

* A modular security system means that Security Center is easy to upgrade and supports gradual deployment of additional of systems. Organizations can build a system that matches its requirements and can include the security systems needed to ensure they are prepared to address changing incidents and events. This provides great convenience for large facilities and saves costs.

* With built-in failover, Security Center provides the highest level of reliability. When organizations have critical assets to protect, they can rely on Security Center to provide continuous access and the platform tolerates hardware failures without any system interruption. Organizations will save time as well as cost as they do not need to purchase a 3rd party failover application.

* Reducing cost by centralized monitoring is also possible in Security Center. It is possible to get full visibility into remote independent sites when they are federated as part of the single platform thereby improving the security and efficiency of managing multiple facilities. Organizations can monitor video and access control activity, control cameras and doors, and run global reports of systems from a central location.

* Users can generate multiple reports to filter LPR, video, and access control information supporting the rapid audit of past incidents and events.

Genetec  Security Center
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