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Key Specifications

The Synergis Master Controller (SMC) is an intelligent IP controller engineered to provide greater flexibility within your Synergis access control system, and a higher level of security for your personnel and assets.

Designed to address longstanding customer demand for nonproprietary access control solutions, the Synergis Master Controller provides native support of non-proprietary security modules from HID Global and Mercury Security.

Equipped with native IP capabilities and encrypted to provide highly-secure communication over your network, the controller can support up to 64 readers, as well as monitor hundreds of zones and alarm points. Below are some of the Synergis Master Controller's key features:

* Complete offline decision-making capabilities
* Supports Mercury and HID access control modules
* Native Gigabit Ethernet support (2 ports)
* Dynamic (DHCP) or static IP addressing
* Four RS-485 ports support various configurations
* Encrypted communications with Synergis
* Secure web interface for basic controller setup
* Available with enclosure and power supply
* Support for up to 32 modules (64 readers)
* Support for up to 512 inputs or 512 outputs per controller
* Up to 50K cardholders
* Up to 150K offline event buffer
* Unrestricted number of card formats supported
* Native threat level support
* Antipassback (soft and hard)
* Fully compatible with Security Center 5.2 and up

Genetec Synergis Master Controller
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