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Key Specifications
Synergis is the IP access control system of the Security Center, Genetec’s unified security platform.

Here are the product''s main features:

Federation: Unify multiple independent Synergis systems under a single virtual system for ease of global access control monitoring, alarm management, and reporting across sites and time zones.

Advanced Reporting: Generate access control reports and report templates for alarms, areas, cardholders, credentials, doors, elevators, units, visitors and zones. Or customize your reports and save them for future use.

Partitioning and Privileges: Segment the access control system into smaller sub-systems. Assign users to each partition with their specific privileges and access to entities. It is ideal for enterprise-class systems and mutli-tenant applications.

Built-in Visitor Management: Check-in visitors by entering their information, assigning a new or existing credential, and printing a badge. This is a one-step process done from the Security Center’s interface.

Alarm Management: Configure or trigger alarms based on different events and associate each event to specific users and required actions such as acknowledge, forward, snooze or show the procedure.

Software Development Kit (SDK): Integrate your time and attendance, enterprise resource planning, human resources management (HRMS) or building management systems. Or, develop custom business applications with a mature software development kit.

Security Center Mobile: Connect back to your security platform over any IP wireless network and remotely monitor and control your systems with BlackBerry, Apple and Android-compatible devices.

* Intuitive and easy-to-use: Synergis is the access control system of the Security Center unified security platform, the most ultra-modern and user-friendly interface on the market.

* Highly scalable: Synergis supports an unrestricted number of doors, controllers and client workstations.

* Flexible: Synergis was designed with an open and distributed architecture to allow customers to build their system with what they already have. Customers can also integrate their access control system with other third-party systems like intrusion or building management.
Genetec Synergis IP Access Control Solution
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