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Key Specifications
* Advanced Data-Mining – Conduct searches of vehicles based on factors such as date and time, complete or partial license plate numbers, one or more specific geographic areas, or type of hit. Or, search by the other data associated with the hotlists such as VIN, make, model or year of the vehicle of interest. You can filter the results by date and time and geographic areas.
* Consolidated Reporting – Generate performance reports per LPR unit or for all LPR units. This provides data such as the number of license plate reads, the category and number of hits or reasons for non-enforcing a hit. You can even print all this information to use as evidence in on-going investigations.
* International Plate Reading Support – The AutoVu system can accommodate many different license plate shapes and formats. This device meets unsurpassed accuracy, regardless of the license plate style.
* Integrated Video Surveillance – With the unified security platform, the Security Center, you can monitor live video feeds from a new or existing Omnicast video surveillance system along with LPR reads. You will get alerts of flagged vehicles from the AutoVu system. You can review video associated with LPR reads or hits from the same user-friendly interface.
* Automatic Event and Alarms – Get automated alarms or events from the AutoVu system when a black-listed, wanted, or stolen vehicle is detected. That means you only have to respond to events that are deemed urgent.
* Wildcard Hotlists – Use only partial plate numbers to create a wildcard hotlist database. This is particularly useful when a witness cannot remember the complete license plate number of a vehicle associated with a crime.
* Third-Party System Integration – Integrate other software applications to fit with existing business processes with an advanced SDK. You can adapt the solution to your needs such as in traffic studies or gated access control applications. AutoVu also comes with an XML plugin so you can easily share information between systems without investing the efforts of a full integration.
* Fuzzy Matching – The AutoVu system uses a fuzzy matching algorithm to compensate for possible errors in the license plate read, including misread, added or removed characters. This increases the probability of positively matching the plate against a database.
Genetec AutoVu License Plate Recognition for Security and ITS
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