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Key Specifications
Omnicast is the IP video surveillance system of Genetec''s unified security platform – the Security Center. The system provides organizations seamless management of their digital video, audio and data across any IP network. Omnicast is extremely flexible, providing organizations with a video surveillance solution that is tailored to their unique needs. Benefits of the solution include: an open-architecture platform, enabling the integration of existing hardware and/ or other third-party security systems. It includes highly intuitive user interface features, which enable operators to drag and drop video tiles, control PTZ cameras, and monitor third-party system alarms. No single point of failure with the systems failover and redundancy features ensuring access to both live and recorded video at all times.

Omnicast can be installed as a stand-alone video surveillance system or unified with Genetec''s license plate recognition and access control systems within the Security Center.

With Omnicast''s Standard video surveillance package, you get only what you really need. You get a powerful and reliable video surveillance system that works off one server, with just the right features. You get a surveillance system that lets you easily upgrade from analog to IP, one camera at a time. You get an IP surveillance system that allows you to keep existing hardware and leverage your infrastructure.

When your business grows beyond 50 cameras, your solution is future-proof. You will be able to simply change your license for an Omnicast package that better meets your growing needs.

The Omnicast Standard video surveillance package comes with an array of great features. Here are a few that will enhance your operations.

* Video Bookmarking: Bookmark any important scene or video sequence to speed up future archive searches. Conduct intelligent queries based on bookmarked video.

* Multistreaming: Configure a camera''s multiple video streams for specific video usage, such as live viewing, remote live viewing, recording, etc., for storage flexibility and bandwidth optimization.

* Edge-Based Video Analytics: Leverage video analytic capabilities offered by many IP video edge devices, by managing and viewing events and alerts within Omnicast.

* Web Client: Remotely and securely access live or archived video through web applications without having to install any applications on your PC.

* Alarm Management: Configure alarms based on a multitude of system events, determine and prioritize alarm recipients in advance, define procedures, and offer your operators various responses such as acknowledge, forward, or snooze alarms.

* Password Protected Export: Safely export video files with a custom encryption key and ensure that only authorized recipients are able to view the file.

Genetec Omnicast IP Video Surveillance System
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