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Key Specifications
Plan Manager is an advanced map feature that allows operators to efficiently manage their security environment. Here are some features available in Plan Manager for Security Center:

* Center the maps on alarms

* Lock/unlock doors and monitor door status

* Real-time tracking of PTZ field of view

* Monitor/arm/disarm zones

* Advance zooming capabilities for extremely large floor plans

* GIS Maps (Microsoft Bing Maps) and CAD maps in one platform

* Entirely customizable

Plan Manager – Genetec''s map-based command and control feature

Plan Manager is an advanced map-based interface built into Genetec''s unified security platform, the Security Center. It allows users to create a virtual environment from maps or floor plans for all types of sites including cities, neighborhoods, airports, campuses and industrial sites, and buildings, just to name a few.Plan Manager extends the concept of traditional graphical maps and provides operators with a highly interactive tool that can enhance any security environment.

Plan Manager allows operators to create and integrate interactive maps of their unique environments into their video surveillance system.Users can instantly access and manipulate various graphical entities on a map such as hot spots (pre-defined high-security zones), map links (links to different points between floor plans or within the same floor plan), favorite views, cameras and other solutions.

A user can click directly on a camera, alarm, or any point on the map to view video quickly and efficiently. Cameras are displayed on the maps as colored icons, which indicate their location, status and the camera’s field of view, even with PTZ cameras. In a large-scale, multistory application Plan Manager allows operators to access the information they need quickly. The feature was developed with peak efficiency and reduced response time in mind.

Plan Manager also offers additional functions and extensions including procedure instructions triggered by alarms, advanced activity reports, geo-location of persons or assets and integration of third-party systems.Like Security Center, Plan Manager was built to function with an architecture that offers the ease and possibility of further custom development. Customizing the capabilities of Plan Manager maximizes efficiency in a specific application and provides operators with even more control at their fingertips.

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Genetec Plan Manager
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