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Key Specifications
SV-16 –Network Security Appliance

The SV-16 is powered by Genetec''s unified security platform, Security Center. Designed for installations under 16 cameras, or under 16 readers or in a unified solution, up to 8 cameras and 8 readers, Genetec''s SV-16 is the best choice for use in small installations. Thanks to our open architecture, the SV-16 allows customers to choose hardware that best suits their needs.


The SV-16 is ideal when you want to pull a small remote system back into any existing Security Center installation. Since the SV-16 comes pre-loaded with Security Center, you can have your system up and running in no time without the hassle of additional configuration. The SV-16 can be deployed as unified solution with both video surveillance and access control or as a video-only or an access control-only solution.

Choose the Cameras You Want – With Security Center’s open architecture, you get the ability to select best-of-breed hardware from a long list of manufacturers. You can even preserve existing hardware, whether IP or analog cameras. And as new hardware is released, you can take advantage of hardware integration packs to benefit from the latest technology.

Install an Energy-Efficient NVR – Weighing only 13 ounces, the SV-16 is one of the smallest network security appliances on the market. The SV-16''s compact and fanless design gives you the recording power you need with low 6W power consumption. The aluminum casing of the SV-16 ensures durability, no matter the environment.

Opt for a Future-Proof Solution – Adding a new camera or door reader on the SV-16 is as simple as acquiring another license. You can also benefit from new releases of Security Center with simple software upgrades. And when the system grows beyond the maximum cameras and access control readers, you can trade in your licenses to easily move your system to a traditional server-based solution.

Genetec SV-16 – Network Security Appliance
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