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Key Specifications
The dual technology monostatic sensor MIR-M30 (hereafter referred as the sensor) is intended for the protection of different sites, non-heated facilities and for detecting an intruder crossing the detection zone.
The sensor is a monostatic dual technology device.
The principle of operation is based on the detection zone creation by means of two physically different principals: microwave field and IR-rays. The alarm is generated only when both detection channels are activated. In fact the sensor consists of two sensors: a microwave monostatic sensor and a passive IR sensor.
The sensor is intended for continuous round-the-clock operation at an ambient temperature - 40… +65С.
Detection zone length - 2,5…30 m.
Angle of divergence of the IR-ray - 30.
Sensitivity (IR-ray overlap time) - 45 ms.
IR-ray interference immunity – not less than 35 ms.
Width of the dual technology detection zone at the maximal range - up to 3 m.
False alarm rate - 1 per 5 moths.
Supply voltage - 8 … 28 V.
Current consumption at the supply voltage of 24 V - up to 0,05 А.

MIR-M30 Dual Technology Monostatic Sensor
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