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Key Specifications
Wire-wave linear sensor RELIEF is intended to protect different perimeter sites and to generate an alarm in case of a detection zone intrusion.
The principle of operation is to generate a volumetric detection zone of “peak” (visor) or “ground” type between two insulated wires fixed parallel to each other on dielectric consoles along the protection line. The wires form the linear part (LP) of the sensor. A transmitter is connected to its one end; a receiver is connected to the other end. The change of electromagnetic wave parameters causes an alarm. The consoles are located at the interval of 4 ... 6m along the perimeter.
The sensor provides continuous, round-the-clock operation and keeps its characteristics at the temperature of –40?C…+85?C. There are modifications operating at –50?C…+85?C and –60?C…+85?C.
Detection zone length:
- “peak” type — from 25 to 250 m;
- “ground” type — from 25 to 200 m.
Distance between the wires — 0, 5 … 1, 8 m.
False alarm rate — 1 per 3 months.
Supply voltage — 10 … 30 V.
Current consumption
- up to 0,045 А;
- up to 0,2 А with heating for the modification of – 600С .

RELIEF Wire-wave sensor
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