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  • Fluidmesh Networks, Inc.

  • Country: United States
  • Address: 165 Tremont St. Suite 1502, Boston, MA
  • Contact Person: Andrea Orioli

Key Specifications

FMQuadro provides a graphical network layout including Fluidmesh units, existing and redundant wireless links, and head-end location. The system is also fully integrated with Google Maps and allows you to upload an aerial map of the site on the background of the network layout to better identify the location of each device.

FMQuadro also means simple network monitoring and troubleshooting. The system monitors key parameters such as frequency, signal strength, link error rate, packet error rate, and throughput and provides their real time value to the user in both a numerical and graphical format. Our interface is able to generate warning messages in case any of the parameters go outside of the optimal range. Being fully SNMP compatible, you can easily export those warnings to your main monitoring software for maximum control and easy integration.

Moreover, its web-interface is also capable of logging network parameters for up to a week so if something goes wrong, you can go back and understand how and when the problem came to life. This information is also available remotely, thus reducing the time you have to be on-site.

Fluidmesh FMQuadro
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