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Key Specifications
HALO is much more than a digital video entry system panel: it is a cutting-edge access system. It features pure design and elegant lines, along with a smooth finish and high resistance to adverse weather conditions. HALO is a video entry system and access control panel with curved concave profile, which is highly robust and impact resistant. It is manufactured in anodized aluminum with a burnished and polished finish. Sophisticated technology is combined with intuitive use, thanks to a graphic LCD screen with 128 by 128 pixels, which is protected by highly resistant polycarbonate glass. The interface includes icons, menus and graphic animations, making it user friendly and simple. The keypad, in watertight polycarbonate, has backlighting for easy use. HALO incorporates a ser ies of advanced security features, including a dual access control system for authorized personnel: Either by the keypad or by proximity cards. The proximity reader is hidden behind the screen. The HALO panel can store up to 350 different users with personal keypad access codes or proximity card numbers. It includes a color camera with built-in illumination and pan-tilt regulation system to focus the lens ??/-10o in all four directions.
Fermax HALO Panel
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