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  • Fermax Electronica S.A.

  • Country: Spain
  • Address: Avda. Tres Cruces 133, 46017 Valencia (Valencia) Spain
  • Contact Person: Elena Ravello
Key Specifications
Loft Memokey is a stand-alone keypad-activated access control that lets you manage up to 100 users with different codes.

Maximum security in management of codes. The system administrator can control the authorisations and cancellations of users from the keypad, with identification by means of a master code, in such a way that cancelling a user does not mean you have to change the rest of the access codes. Optionally, every user can change their access code themselves whenever they want, so reinforcing the system security.

Device activation. With relay output for activation of external devices (open door, light switch, alarm, call the lift, etc...), as well as a door unblocking system that allows free access to visitors.

Anti-sabotage protection. The equipment temporarily blocks the system and activates a deterrent signal in the following cases: introduction of 5 wrong codes, opening of reader (tamper) and open door, by means of a door sensor.

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