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  • Country: Spain
  • City: Valencia
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Key Specifications
High technology designed beautifully. A statement of style. IP technology. To provide comprehensive and effective control over communication, security and comfort, VIVO embraces multi-task functionality and a staggering range of product features.

10" VIVO+ capacitive touchscreen.

- Audio/Video Communication:

Communication can be established with Call Panels, Property Management Units, other Vivo Monitors in the same unit and other units´ Vivo Monitors if accepted in the friends list.

Vivo Monitor will display video from Call Panels, IP Cameras and Property Management Units.

- Messages:

Vivo Monitor sends and receives text messages to/from Property Management Units and other Vivo Monitors when accepted in the Friends List.

- Panic Distress Call:

Vivo Monitor can send a Panic Distress Call by pressing continuously for 3 seconds the S.O.S. capacitive pushbutton or by pressing an auxiliary device to be installed anywhere within the home.

- Picture capture and memory:

Vivo Monitor can store pictures taken from Call Panels and Property Management Units. Picture capture can be programmed for any incoming calls, for all missed calls or only manually.

Storage capacity is 128 pictures.

Pictures can be downloaded to an SD card through its dedicated slot.

- Doormatic:

Vivo Monitor can be programmed to automatically open the access door upon the reception of a call, for defined or undefined periods of time.

- Do not disturb:

Vivo Monitor can be programmed to receive calls silently, for defined or undefined periods of time.

- Ring tones:

Ring tones can be selected from a list of 20 discriminating among source of call.

Installer can add 2 additional personalised ring tones.

- Audio Notes:

Vivo Monitor can record and store up to 300 seconds of audio memos of max 30 seconds length each.

- Timer:

Vivo Monitor features a timer function for lapsed advices.

- Home Automation Management:

Vivo Monitor can be connected to multibrand home automation systems acting for that purpose as a human interface, being able to send commands and display status. It is able to connect to 5 different systems in the same installation.

- Video Monitoring:

Vivo Monitor can display images from IP CCTV cameras connected to the system.

- Lift Control:

Vivo monitor can activate the Lift and system can be configured to restrict the Lift´s destination to exclusively the unit that granted access to a given visitor.

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