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Key Specifications

JVS-VM2801-U is a professional 3-in-1 video management server for Video Device Management, Video Forwarding and Video Storage, which is applicable to projects needing distributed centralized storage. This server supports to input up to 150 channels of IPC and NVR, is compatible with various protocols including CloudSEE 2.0, Onvif, E-home, GB28181(version 2016), etc.


▪︎ Video Device Management, Video Forwarding and Video Storage 3-in-1
▪︎ Distributed centralized storage applicable for projects with video input up to 150 channels
▪︎ Support Live View, Playback, Video Sequencing, E-Map, Two-Way Talk, PTZ Control, GUI Setting, System Configuration, etc.
▪︎ Supports various protocol of CloudSEE 2.0, Onvif, E-home, Onvif, GB28181(version 2016), etc.
▪︎ Support MAX 8 HDD (Upto 10TB Each)
▪︎ Support WEB (B/S), PC Client (C/S) and APP to access at the same time

3.Server Capacity

▪︎ Video Management (150 Channels)
▪︎ Device Access (Up to 150 Channels)
▪︎ Media Forwarding (400M Shared with Recording)
▪︎ Video Recording bandwidth (Max.400Mbps)
JVS-VM2801-U 150CH 3-in-1 Video Management Server
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