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  • City: JINAN
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Key Specifications
High Performance

▪︎ High performance Intel X86 multi-core processor.
▪︎ Supports DDR4 memory with 8GB as standard; maximum support 32GB.
▪︎ Built-in 500GB SSD, support 24xHDD (Upto 10TB Each)
▪︎ Supports media forwarding + video storage shared 800M (or used in standalone scenarios)

High Stability

▪︎ Supports RAID-5 to ensure data stability

High Reliability

▪︎ Adopts intelligent heat dissipation system to effectively reduce noise pollution and create a constant temperature space inside the box; fully shielded against electromagnetic radiation, anti-interference, anti-static (EMI) design.
▪︎ Supports docking to various mainstream vendor management platforms through standard protocols such as IPSAN/NFS.
▪︎ Support streaming video, alarm video storage, support disk failure alarm, automatic disk rejection, support automatic reconnection of video disconnection, etc.
JVS-VS6824-S Video Storage Server
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